Local Lowdown: Tread Lightly with Kimi Werner

Posted by admin on 1/17/14 in Eco

Wanderlust and Kimi Werner have something in common: we both seek to encourage an awareness of your impact on your environment.  That's one of the many reasons we're excited to feature Kimi at the Wanderlust O'ahu Speakeasy, and we are happy to share this video that highlights her work to preserve the natural landscape in her native Hawai'i.

The "TREAD LIGHTLY" exhibit, Kimi's partnership with Vans shoes, features 12 pairs and 2 oversized Vans, along with storyboard insights from Kimi, and underwater imagery. The entire collection is up for sale with 100% of money raised going to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, and Malama Pupukea-Waimea Marine Life Conservation District. Learn about the background the exhibit, which had its debut at our own Wanderlust O'ahu homebase, Turtle Bay Resort, and can now be seen at Town restaurant in Honolulu. 

Kimi says, "To me, TREAD LIGHTLY means being aware and careful in whatever I'm doing. Being careful also means to care for.  Caring for this beautiful place I call home has become my life's passion.  Hawaii's land, people, and underwater world are truly my sources of happiness. And when it comes to these natural resources, it's our duty as a community to take care of them and protect them; let them provide for all of us while respecting and being aware that every single action we take has an effect."

We are very excited to have Kimi and all of her local knowledge at Wanderlust O'ahu. Sign up for Kimi's Speakeasy here!

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