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When I left my small hometown of Hudson, Massachusetts a year ago to join WWOOF (World
Wide  Opportunities  on  Organic  Farms) on  the  island  of O'ahu, I wanted to reconnect my roots back to the land.  I started with the basics: learn how to grow my own food.  My path then lead me to Kahumana Organic Farm and Café
The  name  Kahumana  was  given  by  a  Native  Hawaiian  spiritual  leader.  ‘Kahumana’ translates to the 'guardian of life' and holds a place for healing. The farm is a part of a non­profit organization called  Alternative  Structures  International,  which  helps disenfranchised  families  and the developmentally  disabled,  providing  transitional  housing, work and education. 
2430 At Kahumana, we believe in local, fresh, and Organic. Our Salad mix, also known as Organic Keiki Greens, is harvested every morning at sunrise to capture the crisp fresh start to the day.  Our OKG’s  are  just  some of the many daily vegies we incorporate  into  our  café  dishes, and sell  at  local  farmers  markets  and  to other high quality restaurants  on  island.  Now  we  are  excited  to  bring  this  true  farm  to  table  fresh experience to the Wanderlust Festival!
Here’s a sneak peak of some of the items we will be serving:
Nourish  your  body  from  the  inside  out  with  freshly  harvested OKG’s  layered  with  a mixture  of  shredded  purple  haze  and  sunrise  carrots,  kalamata  olives,  onions,  cherry tomatoes, topped with sharp feta cheese and a side of housemade hummus & artichoke.
Our signature organic whole wheat pasta dish, sautéed with stir fried greens, homemade pesto sauce made with local macnuts, and our handpicked basil topped off with melted cheese.  Add free-­range chicken for extra protein.
Reward Yourself! You deserve it! Mouthwatering  tropical  treat  with  smooth,  cream  cheese  filling  topped  with  tangy Hawaiian passion fruit, lilikoi sauce and a crumbly gram cracker crust.

2433 ~When I’m not farming, I'm pouring my heart and soul into teaching yoga classes at Kahumana Farms & Impact Dance and Fitness Studio & Lead mediation groups at the farm.  Graduated from Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry, Secretly a mermaid, Lover of good vibrations, Believer in manifestation.

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