Let It Be

Posted by Sam Pogue on 5/6/10 in Uncategorized

File 1107You can't fit a square peg into a round hole. That's what comes to mind when I think of the advice a friend gave me recently that was simply to "let it be". She's wasn't intentionally quoting Lennon, she had just suggested that I stop forcing something to happen just because I wanted it to. And with those three little words, she helped to reframe my thinking and liberate me from fixating on that one issue. And not only did it allow me to focus on other more productive endeavors, but by letting that situation breathe, it has evolved in ways that I never could have predicted. So perhaps take a moment on this Hump Day aka "the most productive day of the week", to look around using the somewhat rosy "let it be" filter and see if there are projects, friendships or relationships that you've been consistently hitting your head against the wall in trying to make happen. And consider stepping back and just letting them be. I'm not a betting girl, but I would hazard a guess to say that a few surprises may be in store.

And like a song that strikes just the right chord at the right time, the words "let it be" have continued to reverberate through my core, illuminating new opportunities and increasing my overall productivity. Cause I've noticed that as fun as fixating on making something happen is (yes, that is intended to be thick with sarcasm), it a) doesn't make it happen any faster than it's meant to, and b) if it's not meant to happen you just wasted a hella lot of time that could have been utilized more productively. A playlist can be found here of songs that distinctively strike a chord like those few words of great advice "Let it be" do. I'm as attached to these musical mantras as most people are attached to their morning coffee...(Fun fact: There's a great bar on the Lower East Side called Marshall Stack. It's just a sweet all around hang. I haven't been back since they took The Allman Brothers' "Melissa" out of the jukebox. Nuts? Sure. But that's just the way it is.)

Just breathe,


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