A Lesson in Love and Thoughts

Posted by Shanie Matthews on 8/3/11 in Uncategorized

Golden light seemed to be exploding from my heart. And then tears.

It's my first Wanderlust Yoga class. Jonny Kest is my instructor and all I can feel is amazing amounts of love in the room. To say the least I am impressed and my hopes for what I would find in my Wanderlust experience has not only been met, but exceeded.

To tell you the truth I was a little timid to join the massive class of amazingly toned, beautiful yogis. I am fairly new to the practice, only two years into making it a daily part of my life. The commitment to breath has brought me close to bliss…but the ecstatic feeling that I was finding within the first few moments listening to Jonny was creating an elevated level for my practice.

And I guess what brought this elevation in spirit was his message: we are not our thoughts. A simple phrase but incredibly powerful. Jonny's knowledge of creating a peaceful mind resonated so deeply with me that I literally felt grief and pain in my heart dislodge, shift, and flow out of my body.

As the class continued, and we moved through well-described flowing poses, he continued his reminder to let go of the thoughts with jokes and fun. This wasn't a class of pain. No. This was a class of inspiration for a better world. To leave reaction at the door and to concentrate on the sparkling gift of freedom and peace that comes with each breath is a monumental lesson. And with his reminders I let the thoughts float away as if they were little bubbles of air being pushed far away from my conscience by my exhales.

The hour and a half class flew by, and before you knew it, we were already melting into Savasana. As I became one with the floor, feeling the support of the earth, I felt my heart warm with the palatable love that hung in the air like a heavy fog. At that moment I felt the truth of his words. I am not my thoughts. And I am one of many that are on this path of creating a happier and more loving life.

The hundreds of eyes around me confirm it.

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