Last Chance for Whistler Advance Tickets & One Day Pilgrim Ticket Info

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This is your last chance to purchase tickets for Wanderlust Whistler at advance pricing -- save $40 on the 4-day Sage ticket and $30 on a 3-day Seeker. Advance pricing expires at 11:59am PST on March 13.

Looking to drop in on the action? Wanderlust Festival now offers a 1-day Pilgrim tickets at all of our summer festivals. Pilgrim tickets get you one full day of the all-inclusive Wanderlust yoga & music experience. Pilgrim tickets go on sale March 13 at noon PST

 Choose your Wanderlust adventure below to find out more information on Pilgrim tickets and our other ticket options.

As a global force, Baron Baptiste has been influential on the international and North American yoga scene for over two decades. His message and the methodology of Baptiste Yoga has produced powerful results with hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, and his work continues to be a source of enormous influence across the planet.

Baron was born into a family of health, yoga and philosophical educators and 414 he couples the lessons learned from his own true-life experience, hardships, and personal breakthroughs with his gift of a relatable teaching style and his ability to empower peoples bodies and minds, both on and off the yoga mat. We could not be more excited to have Baron presenting at this summer's Wanderlust Festivals in California and Whistler.

"I am so excited to be teaching at two Wanderlust Festivals this summer! It inspires me to be among so many committed students and dynamic yoga offerings, all in one place. Each location is unique and powerful, and I am energized to be a part of bringing Wanderlust into new and unbelievably beautiful territory in Whistler, BC! I invite you to come and join me and the amazing Wanderlust community in creating an empowered practice together this summer." - Baron Baptiste

From time to time, Wanderlust will spotlight our key partners, folks who make quality, healthful products and who contribute to the Wanderlust experience. Health and beauty go hand in hand, and putting a bottle of Lifeway Kefir in your hand just makes so much sense. It allows you to be proactive about your health, filling your digestive system with friendly bacteria called probiotics. Lifeway Kefir will be on site at Wanderlust VT, CO, and CA this summer offering up some delicious probiotic treats at their bicycle smoothie station. Stop by the Lifeway booth in the Kula Village after class to grab a cold, refreshing, nourishing Kefir. Learn more today at

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