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Posted by Kelly Morris on 4/6/12 in Uncategorized

I started Conquering Lion Yoga 7 years ago because, honestly, I couldn’t find a yoga class I liked. I guess in the back of my mind I was like, replicate Kelly and then she will have a class to go to! It didn't end up that way, though. I was thrilled to learn that my gift was helping people become not me, but themselves! One of me is plenty, ask anyone.

I also found that yoga had become not only commodified, but denuded of its original goal, which is not a humble one. Classically, yoga is meant to bring the yogin to a state of total enlightenment.  And here you are, hung up on your handstand! By enlightenment, we mean many things but on the whole, it connotes an interior state that is luminous, expansive and aware. Think of your best day and times it by a million and then add on world peace, the end of hunger and global greening and you start to have an idea of the joy that's in the offing if you practice correctly.

We live in a culture that values most that which it can be stripped of: money, power, beauty and youth. Round and round the gerbil wheel we go: wake, coffee, argue, kids, commute, work, commute, kids, TV, argue, feel bad, pass out, coffee, rinse, repeat, ad nauseum. One day, it's not enough and in fact, it's worse than that: it's all wrong. In the immortal words of David Byrne, you ask yourself "How did I get here? This is not my life! This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife!"

We wake up! 

Next, we find ourselves sitting in a dim room with incense burning, pink lights, copies of the Bhagavad Gita lying around and sitar music drifting past us. People are shouting about their chakras and demanding raw coconut water. We are nervous. Is this a cult? The mat smells. I didn't know blond hair could be made into dreads…I wonder if I could get away with an OM tattoo…nobody said anything about chanting, wtf? Wait a minute, is that Julianna Moore over there?

And then the class begins and your mind is blown and your heart is singing and that's how we all end up at Wanderlust, moving and grooving together, praying for peace and love and all the other modern-day unmentionables.

And the beautiful unfolding begins: a new you, a new us, a new world. 

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