Journey to Wanderlust Vermont: #JustMyMat

Posted by Guest Scribe on 6/15/13 in Adventure

Everybody loves a good choose-your-own-adventure story.  So we were happy to hear how Elizabeth Crisci is gearing up for her trip to Wanderlust Vermont! As a 3-year veteran of the festival, she knows the scoop on how to plan the perfect itinerary and what not to miss.  This is her first year teaching at #WLVT, and she'll be sharing her adventures at the festival on @lululemonlive.

Amongst her insights?

1670 Get a blend of familiar and new faces

"There are so many teachers that I look forward to seeing again, but Wanderlust is all about meeting a new teacher and falling in love. The lineup at Wanderlust was hand-selected to bring a diverse offering of awesome teachers from the local area. Be sure to add a few workshops that catch your eye from someone you’ve never practiced with."

And two from her what-not-to-miss list?

Stalking Your Fear
Teacher: Ana Forrest
"This will be my first practice after leading an 8 am hike. Ana is known for her challenging asana practice but this all-level workshop can help anyone let go of the tension caused by fear and start the festival with an open heart and mind."

1672 Becoming a Miracle Magnet
Teacher: Gabrielle Bernstein
"A new face at the festival this year but you may have read one of her books (be sure to read Spirit Junkie). Gabrielle believes in miracles and has made it her mission to show you that you can believe in them too. Gabrielle is also giving a Speakeasy Talk, an awesome way to introduce yourself to her work."


Read the rest of Elizabeth's spot-on advice right here, and be sure to follow this twitter handle (or search for hashtag #justmymat) to keep up with her adventures on site at Wanderlust Vermont!

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