Jake Laub & Nikki Vilella's Visvamitrasana

Posted by admin on 6/17/13 in Yoga

We are excited to share that Wanderlust’s own Jake Laub and Kula Yoga Project’s Nikki Vilella have collaborated on an awesome e-book – Visvamitrasana: Vol. 1 of the Sage Seriesthat includes a full audio class, technique videos, a retelling of the legend of the sage Visvamitra, and much more.

Jake says: “We wanted to bridge the gap between podcasts and DVDs, which are primarily about practicing yoga, and books, which focus more on studying. This multimedia e-book brings together the best of both.”

To get a taste of what’s inside this little bundle of knowledge, join Nikki Villela in her class, “Visvamitra” at Wanderlust Vermont, where you can explore this dynamic and intricate arm balance within the framework of a sweaty, intelligently sequenced Kula Flow class.

Get your copy of Visvamitrasana online here, or pick up a USB flash drive at the d’Om at Wanderlust Vermont.

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