Independence Day - Festivals and Inner Freedom via Shiva Rea

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Yoga is about inner freedom - meaning to be unbound no matter the outer circumstance. Sometimes we take something as simple as natural movement for granted. As we were bizarrely born knowing how to dance - the joy and power of rhythmic expression - it would seem strange that we would ever forget or even more heinous that we would prevent another woman, man or child or a whole culture from dancing. From the 3rd century b.c. to the preseent there have been over 800 laws banning dance particularly free-form dance - the innate intelligence rising.

Festivals have been the places to exercise this inborn right for thousands of years. Yoga has always included movement as an expression of our innate freedom - concsiousness in motion - one of the reasons that the divine dances.

Wanderlust is the place where these old expressions can cut loose in the current pulse. Although I am a traditional music freak crazy about the sound of a high pitched meandering vocal that carries over desert drums of Rajasthan or Morocco, I can be sonically penetrated by those contemporary music shamans called DJ's.

Wanderlust is reviving and bridging the festival with yoga - inner freedom - as the driving pulse. I always seek the opportunity to colloborate with musicians to cultivate the collective yogic field in different spaces. This year DJ Random Rab along with illumined blues-kirtan artist Steve Gold and Stoned on Shiva (his band) and I are brewing an alchemical mix live for the sunset sessions in support of Yoga Energy Activism.

Our goal is to liberate our dependence on fossil fuels, unplug from constant techonology, generate energy and eliminate unnecessary waste by waking up the yoga world and beyond to be leaders in a clean energy future. In partnership with Wanderlust, Global Green, prAna, Green Yoga Association, Manduka, Samudra Yogadventures and the GAIAM tent, we are moving towards a goal of getting 10,008 people to take an Energy Regeneration Retreat (unplugged, candlelight, zero waste) day for Sept. 21st as well as all year round to wake us up to the power of an individual to make a collective ripple effect.

In the US alone, we waste more energy than we use (54% in fact), throw away more food than we eat and are the number one trash producing country in the world. Our energy future has no border and we must shift our energy patterns as we live in an abundance of renewable energy (less than 1% of the sun's energy could power the entire earth's energy needs) and the US's 95% reliance on toxic fuel sources has to shift. We all have the power to be energy ambassadors and shift our inner and outer energy patterns towards positive susutainability.

Join us for this free class (for those at Wanderlust and those that take a YEA pledge for a day) at the GAIAM tent for a Inner Freedom Session where yoga, music and movement harness our collective energy to change our energy future.

A big thanks to Wanderlust organizers, teachers and our co-sponsors for helping spread the word.

As we head into the 4th of July, may we celebrate our inner freedom and Dance for Change.

See you at Wanderlust Lake Tahoe,
For the Dance,

Shiva Rea
yogini and catalyst for Yoga Energy Activism

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