The Importance of Kula

Posted by on 12/18/10 in Uncategorized

Darren Rhodes of Yoga Oasis talks about coming together as a community and the importance of kula in yoga practice. "Being in such a big powerful energy, reminds me that I am not alone" Darren says.

To me, this really shows and says that yoga can and should be for everyone. Whether the community is 2 people or 20, I know when I practice, it feels good to have a full community with me and go through all of the motions together. I also think that kula can relate to music as well. Nothing feels better then when I am seeing my favorite musician with many people around me who share the same passion.

At Wanderlust, it is a blissful and powerful thing to see hundreds and thousands of people practicing all together. Is kula important to you? Do you like practicing with others, or alone?

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