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When the immune system is weak, the body can become susceptible to all sorts of parasites, bacteria, germs, toxins and impurities. All these things can then manifest themselves not only within the blood streams, but also deep within the major organs. Over a period of time, such impurities can stagnate the body and prevent it from functioning correctly. Impurities slow down the body's normal functions; and as a direct result you can experience physical or mental disease. So it is imperative to make your health a priority.

One of the best ways to keep the body strong and pure is by drinking lots of fresh, pure and organic juices. When you juice a fruit or vegetable, you are drinking and consuming all of the life force that has been put into that fruit or vegetable by the Sun, the Soil and all the elements and minerals of the Earth: pretty amazing stuff! When you juice something, it does all the work of effectively breaking down the food for proper digestion upon entering into your system. And when fruits and vegetables are able to enter into your body in a seamless manner, you reap all the beautiful health benefits immediately!

Want the recipe? Visit our friends at YOGANONYMOUS here for it!

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