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Posted by Tali Koziol on 7/29/11 in Uncategorized

Traveling alone is always an adventure, especially when you're going to an incredible event like Wanderlust. There is nothing like four days of sunshine, yoga, meditation, and music while surrounded by people who love it all as much as you do. However, traveling alone can also be a bit lonely. After the first day of Wanderlust I was feeling incredibly grateful to be here but also a little sad that none of my friends shared the experience with me.

After the long day I was considering just catching a little music and going to bed, after all Friday was another big day. Yet, I had signed up to see “Yoga Woman” and it was one of the big parts of Wanderlust I was looking forward to. As soon as I walked into the Gaiam tent for the movie I felt I made the right decision. I took a seat on the ground, and a nice gentleman offered me his spare cushion to sit on, that's just one reason yogis rock, always looking out for each other. Also I immediately felt I wasn't alone, even though these weren't my “friends” these people are part of the Kula, the tribe.

As the movie began, I realized even more so that I am not disconnected from this great vibe. “Yoga Woman” is such an ominous title, yet the movie made me recognize I am a part of this great movement. I was blown away seeing two women I had practiced with that day, Sean Corn and Anne O'Brien, as well as women I have followed and interacted with online like Sara Gottfried, MD and Elena Brower, and even Desiree Rumbaugh who is holding a workshop in my town in August. While I may be one woman, there is something bigger going on here and by coming together and practicing and sharing our knowledge and community actives we are doing something amazing.

As a yogini and teacher I know firsthand there is something magical going on here. Unfortunately our day-to-day lives tend to get in the way, and mask the magic. Being on vacation in this amazing setting, and being alone has really forced me to look in and see where my strengths and weakness are. It's both an opportunity to evolve the aspects of myself I love, the aspects I saw in the women in the movie and an opportunity to bring to rest the aspects of myself that are toxic and no longer serve me. I am a part of this tribe and they deserves the best I can bring to the table each day.

Watching “Yoga Woman” on the first day of my trip was a great reminder that while traveling alone, or living alone, or spending much time in a solitary place doesn't mean that we are actually disconnected. There is a huge amazing tribe of women who are Internationally working for change. Change in themselves and change in the world around them. I am honored to be a part of that.

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