I’ve got the BP oil spill in my suitcase. What’s in yours?

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Because I travel so much I almost constantly have a packed carry on bag ready to go. After running around on a trip, I like to take inventory of what I'm carrying with me in my suitcase. My suitcase is more than my bag.  Its what I'm carrying with me at any present moment on not only a material level but also a physical and mental level.  Here's what I have in my suitcase this week as I ground back in Boulder:

  • 1) A new playlist for the month of June.  I greet every new month by making a mix of what I'm listening to.  I play music almost constantly (I have a ‘wake up' mix, a ‘cooking' mix and even a ‘late night writing' mix).  My monthly playlist is a way to share what I'm listening to with the people I love.  Check it out.


2)The BP oil spill.  Like all of you reading this, the oil spill is weighing on me.  It is one of those things that is so huge and constant in the news, I find it challenging to wrap my head around how I can make an impact.  In yoga, my teachers have talked about sending compassion but I want to do more.  I'd been contemplating getting a car for a while here in Boulder to make mountain adventuring easier.  After seeing these pictures, I decided I needed to invest in a better bike instead to get me up high.  The less dependent I am on oil, the better.  I'm wondering, though, what are you doing to respond to the spill?

3) Too many books to read at once.  I'm a book nerd with ADD.  I'm never reading one book at a time and unfortunately this means books take up a heft amount of space in my travel bags.  Right now I'm carrying Hafiz's The Gift, the Morocco Lonely Planet, and The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Hafiz is always in my bag.  If you love a poet who is sweet as sugar and laughs at those of us who take life too seriously, I recommend you check it out.  Why the Lonely Planet?  I'm daydreaming of a trip to Morocco soon.  The call to prayer, huge markets and beautiful beaches are beckoning me.  The Happiness Project is an interesting read.  I usually think happiness comes from not thinking too hard about how to achieve it, but alas I find it intriguing to see what a logical approach to it would look like.

4) My Jade travel mat. Super thin, this one goes with me everywhere. It has made for some interesting yoga conversation with people next to me on flights.

5) Gratitude...
both in my journal and off paper.  I've been working on cultivating a daily gratitude practice, writing down 5 things I'm grateful for each day. I recommend it.  It has seriously shifted my morning wake up.

6) Coffee from all over San Francisco.  The clothes I packed for my trip there still smell like it.  I don't think anything beats Bay Area coffee, and I filled half my bag with it to prove this fact to my friends in Colorado.

7) And finally, a serious amount of excitement for Wanderlust, coming up so soon.  Summer's here, the sun is out, the trees are green from tons of rain, and I'm tree posing all over town as I countdown to the festival.

Wanderlust is only 44 days away!  What will you bring in your suitcase?  YouR favorite yoga gear to practice in?  A bike to enjoy the amazing trails in Tahoe?  Dancing shoes for the late night DJ dance parties?  How about an open mind, to take in all things Wanderlust?

‘Til next time,

Photo by Melissa Deakin

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