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Wanderlust: filled with funky beats, free love, and fabulous yoga.  What I wasn't expecting to find at Wanderlust Vermont was a newfound appreciation for the gorgeous style of the yogi woman.  As someone who loves to have fun with how I dress, I was smitten by the Wanderlust woman’s wardrobe.  Once the festival was over, I was inspired to incorporate the the groovy vibes and hippie-chic into my outfit choices at work after I left the festival. (Editorial Note: Said workplace happens to be none other than the holy grail of fashion, the Vogue offices).

Basking in the final hours of sunlight at Wanderlust, I admired the beautiful yogi women saunter off to dinner in their pale high-waisted frocks, slender necks entwined with gold pendants, and long wavy hair topped with sparkly hippie headbands.  I had become obsessed with the magical mystique of the yogini.

If you feel like you can’t wear your tie-dye and Birkenstocks into the office, fret not.  There are always sophisticated ways you can incorporate a hippie-chic vibe into your work place wardrobe. 

2145 In her colorful coat, Daniela (left) exuded yoganista fashion by combining comfort with fun with playful prints and fabrics.  She mixed patterns and textures of embroidery with silk and lace.  

2146 This girl’s hips don’t lie nor does her taste for jewelry! I loved the jewelry the Wanderlust belly dancers wore (right) - the metal hardware juxtaposing with their flowwy frocks gave depth and proportion to their wonderful wares.

When they’re not on the mat sporting lululemon, the ladies of Wanderlust love a boho look.  Already looking forward to next summer? Here are some of my recommendations when shopping for your next adventure at Wanderlust:

2147 1. TIE DYE2150

If you feel like you can’t take your tie die from Shakedown Street to the office, here is a fabulous rendition of a tie die skirt. The longer hem makes it more formal, perfect with a solid or printed button down shirt.  Tie-dye has been around since pre-Columbian area in Peru, and was popularized by rock n' roll and style icons like Janis Joplin and John Sebastian in the 1960s. 

Tory Burch Kelby Skirt

Proenza Schouler Tie-dye cotton-jersey T-shirt


Invest in some rad psychedelic shades like these. These shades give a more updated and fresh look to your traditional shades.

Westward Leaning Color Revolution


Birks are back! After Celine debuted their furry slippers for summer, the Birkenstock sandals are most definitely back in fashion. These sandals help give a little more depth to your outfit. 

Hunter Black Leather Arizona



1808 ~ Taylor Angino is a surfer, dancer, music-lover, art history geek and fashion expert.  He currently works at Vogue as a Fashion Assistant.  We loved having Taylor at Wanderlust Vermont and seeing him embody and spread the Wanderlust spirit!

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