Hoopin' and Slackin'

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By Amy Anselmo

"So Mom, what's Wanderlust like???"

"Well, there are hula hoops, slacklines, hennas, yummy food, little statues of Ganesh, street performers, and lots of people- oh and yoga and it's really fun...you'll love it."

My daughters, Haley, 12 and Carly, 7, are joining my husband Randy and I this year for the Wanderlust Festival at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. My goal is to Wander- Family Style and see653 what the girls (and we) will take away from this experience, with them as our guides.

One of the first things they wanted to explore was the "Hoopnotica Playground". Our instructor was amazing and inspiring-doing things with her body and hula hoops that were lovely and sinewy. Really beautiful. Can I get a body like that if I hula hoop? (...a LOT) 

My girls have grown up with handmade hula hoops at home and at school (thanks to the circus influence of Lisa at Pompanuck Farm), so we were somewhat familiar with the finer aspects of hula hooping.  Carly was even remarking that some of the older girls at school like to hula hoop and read at the same time, "Very thick books, like this Mom," (holding her fingers about 2 inches apart) "and sometimes they read a WHOLE book without stopping hula hooping"


What a great experience for them! The chance to see someone use the hula hoop in a dance and yoga combination was probably a first for them, so I can't help but wonder if their repertoire at school might get a little more creative....than reading. (as cool as that is)

After the hooping we took a little break, then came back to check out the Yoga Slackers (an activity where slack line meets yoga) apparently it was birthed from an interest in climbing combined with the asanas of yoga. Cool.

We met a nice man named Rainbow who said to come back at 10:30, that it was totally kid friendly and a great opportunity to take some photos.

I was pretty sure that I was going to 655 be a huge failure (totally suck) at this, as balance is not my strongest skill. But I completely surprised myself. The girls were on it though, which didn't surprise me at all. We started with kneeling poses and worked our way up to sitting, then standing and finally a head stand. (ok I didn't do that, but Haley rocked it.)

We rounded out the day with a very refreshing swim in a close by stream. (still slackin')

We've already asked Randy if he will install a slack line in the backyard, between the cherry trees, near the trampoline. So-please come by if you want to surprise yourself-oh and it's kind of fun too.

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