Hip Opening and Twists with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman

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Friday, 10:30am 

By Jenny Sansouci 

Even though I woke up pretty sore from all the yoga yesterday, I was really looking forward to taking a class with Rodney Yee and Colleen Saidman. My mom uses Rodney's yoga DVDs almost daily, so she was particularly excited for me to experience this in person. I definitely wasn't alone in my enthusiasm - their class this morning in the Lucy tent was totally packed with Wanderlusters! Rodney and Colleen taught the class together, switching off and taking us through different segments of the practice. The transition from one to the other as they taught seemed effortless, and it was easy to see the balanced chemistry that flows between. From what I've seen of the pair, they're always wearing bright, comforting smiles -- and they radiate a peaceful energy that was spread through the crowd during class. 
659 The class focused on hip opening and twists, and they talked a lot about releasing the internal pressure in our bodies and creating space within. Rodney encouraged us to "release our internal pressure when things on the outside are tough -- let go of the fight and conflict and meld into the sensation.

One thing I tried to focus on for the duration of the class, as recommended by Rodney, was relaxing my jaw. He kept saying "relax your jaw and breathe." I realized how often my jaw is tightened up, and how little I even notice it. According to Rodney, the jaw and hips are connected, so if you have a tight jaw, your hips are tight too. Not to mention that you become so much more relaxed when you aren't clenching. Begin to notice! 

A great gem of wisdom from Colleen was to "find the ecstasy at the end of every exhalation, when you are both empty and full." I loved that because it brings so much more mindfulness to every moment of the practice. That type of suggestion can really bring you into the present moment and out of your own head...and that's the point of all of this, right? :)  

At the end of class, both Rodney and Colleen spent a lot of time answering questions and meeting students, which was super cool. Awesome way to start out Wanderlust Day 2!

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