High Camp - A Pool Party at 8,200 Feet!

Posted by Corey Jones on 7/30/11 in Uncategorized

High camp is open! Take the cable car up to 8,200 feet and find many Wanderlust treasures. The AcroYogis have a great place to play on the deck where you can fly on someone's feet or on the silks and lyra. Below them is a huge pool, hot tub, and bar. Yogi Tunes is playing amazing dub step beats that you can't help but move to. There are a mix of families and yogis co-mingling by the breathtaking views that surround high camp. To cool down try a slushy drink at the bar for $10 or an ice cream bar dipped in chocolate and covered in sprinkles for $5. The ride to the top is definitely worth the photo op of Lake Tahoe peaking out of the mountain tops. When riding the cable car back down the 2,000 feet to the village, try not to look down. It is not for the faint of heart!

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