Help For The Holidays

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With the holidays around many people are getting gifts, having dinner out and at friends houses, buying lights and decorations to put up, and having extravagant parties.

This year Americans will have spent over $44 billion on Christmas gifts alone which averages out to $384 per household. But of course this doesn't include extra spending such as trees, flights, etc. Even in one of the worst recessions ever, over-consumption is an issue.

It is very important to really reflect around this time and think "Somebody is less fortunate and could use help." This is why I would like to bring up our friends, "Off The Mat and Into The World" and their 2011 initiative.

File 4264Currently they are in the process of developing their Global Seva Challenge 2011 for Haiti. The Global Seva Challenge provokes critical consciousness about global issues of social justice and equity and raises significant funds to support communities in crisis. At the core of OTM's mission they are about empowering individuals to discover their potential to make a difference in the world. OTM does this through training, community building and project initiatives like the Global Seva Challenge (this is just one of many programs OTM has to serve the community).

File 4267Each year Off The Mat, Into The World raises funds to bring things like education, healthcare, practical tools for holistic living, community sustainability, and youth leadership to countries and cities less fortunate. For example, "Off The Mat, Into The World will teach and train less fortunate people how to fish instead of giving them the fish," says co-founder Hala Khouri, which is an important skill to have so people can continuously provide for themselves. This years challenge has raised over $523k for South Africa and today is the deadline to raise more.

File 4270By donating to Off The Mat, Into The World it is an opportunity to really put your money somewhere that will grow exponentially because it goes towards them sending teams to teach people useful skills to survive. Off The Mat empowers people to go to communities to make a difference and if you have the chance to help a little, please do this holiday season.

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