Has Anyone Told You Lately That You're Perfect? Via Yoganonymous & Brock Cahill

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You are engineered and designed perfectly for your unique mission in life. You have been given just the right set of skills, placed into the proper circumstance, and graced with the appropriate challenges needed, for you to learn the lessons that will help you to succeed.

This is called Dharma. You were sent here for a very specific reason. It is ingrained in you, in your DNA, in your “spiritual thumbprint.” The challenging part is uncovering what your particular mission entails—and then activating it.

There are so many clues that point you toward your particular path. And there are no coincidences. Perhaps you already recognize your Dharma. If so, are all of your decisions consciously aligned to ignite your purpose?

Or perhaps your particular glorious reason has yet to reveal itself?

If so—no worries, you’re not alone.

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