Guest Scribe: Sianna Sherman “Activate Your Purpose”

Posted by Guest Scribe on 5/23/13 in Yoga

At the root of yoga practice is pure motive. This essentially means: practice for the benefit of All Beings. Through the practices of yoga, the practitioner becomes increasingly clear in their own recognition of Self and understands how their own life can be of service to the greater whole. Every human being has a powerful soul medicine for the planet. The practices of yoga help each person to breathe life into their dharma, soul purpose, and bring this to the world. 

1578 When I was in my late teens, I thought I knew my purpose: to become a medical doctor. All the outer circumstances were in perfect alignment but inwardly I felt desperate and fighting an epic battle within myself.1576 Eventually, I put on a backpack and started traveling the world in search of something but really in search of myself. I began meditating on a regular basis. I experienced a daily shedding of my resistance and fear, and many tears were released as my heart opened. With time, my contemplations began to offer greater insight and direction for my life.

With the practices of yoga, doors open to us that the rational mind cannot predict ahead of time. 1577 We devote ourselves to the practices every day, and little by little, the prison doors of the mind unlatch themselves. Perspective expands with more ease and we begin to relax into our circumstances, whatever they may be. As we relax more deeply into the moment, and stop arguing with reality, our purpose begins to reveal itself. We begin to know from a very honest place how we can best serve each other. The spaciousness within allows us to activate our purpose in the world. 

Practice is essential for any person on the planet who wants to serve fully. Practice helps us to transform reactivity into healthy response, expands stuck and limited perspective, shows us our demons, and guides us into meeting ourselves fully. With skillful practice, we each become more magnetized and activated in living our soul purpose. We see each other through the eyes of love and know more directly that we are one family.

May we practice for the Benefit of All Beings.

With love,



~ Sianna Sherman is an internationally celebrated yoga innovator who shares her passionate voice with devotion, deep practice, and soulful teaching. She is known as an inspired storyteller and as a community activator of conscious and collective collaboration. Sianna weaves alignment, therapeutics, potent sequencing, mythology, Tantra and the power of the practices with accessibility for everyday transformation. Her Mythic Yoga Flow offerings have garnered a global following where she pours mythic consciousness into the embodied art of yoga with unhindered creativity and love. Sianna has released her new instructional DVD, Pranam, an inner journey of alchemy and alignment with the four elements. She is teaching at Wanderlust California at Squaw Valley

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