Guest Scribe: Halle Becker "In To Go Up: The Inward Journey of Changing Your Life"

Posted by Guest Scribe on 6/6/13 in Inspiration, Yoga

If you told me 10 years ago that anyone would be spreading my story about sweat and surrender yoga classes, I would have said you were nuts.  My spiritual backpack was pretty heavy with a box of monsters that including drug addiction, loss of a parent early in life, an unfulfilling marriage, and a pretty shaky internal compass.  I appeared well enough on the outside - ran a very successful entertainment production company, worked with Oprah Winfrey and was an on-air television personality.  But there is only so long one can run through the day seeking outside affirmation, substances, material things and other people's adoration to get by - at some point you just surrender and say help and then the real journey begins.

1651 IN TO GO UP – I began the journey by first realizing the trip is an inside job. I knew that I had a spiritual path to follow that could lead me to a higher place of serving and being, but I was so tangled!  I sought help from a spiritual healer, who taught me to sit still and be a human being not a human doing.  I got quiet and let my internal wisdom speak and I dared to get really honest.  I realized that there were people, places and things I needed to let go of in order to grow. Every day I sat and it was really hard for me - but anything that is going to shift you is hard and painful. 

GETTING TERRESTRIAL TO BE CELESTIAL - My yoga practice began from a place of wanting to be the change I sought. I found a yoga teacher that combined the athleticism I craved and the knowledge and wisdom I needed.  If you allow the energetic cellular level buzz that each pose offers you WILL start to shift - but first you have to commit from the inside - I dug IN and ONLY then did I start to dig myself out. 

1652 THE BREATH IS THE KEY -  I try to begin each day with a sit - a checking in, breathing in, a letting in and out, and allowing the internal committee of wise women to speak to me and help me try on my day - sometimes their voices will be quiet and sometimes they will bang me like a cowbell! I made a rule for myself not to hang, practice or work with people that don't make me feel good about myself and where I’m headed. 

To anyone in a similar boat as I was, realize that you can make a change and start by turning inward.  Take a BIG breath and ask yourself what you are doing and not doing to head yourself towards your truth.  I lived big and felt empty and then I sat on a mat found a moment of grace and asked for help - yoga brought me back home and the journey of IN to go UP is still unfolding. You are the sacred healing medicine that you have been searching for - it’s there go in and get exploring one breath at a time!

I am so excited to be teaching at Wanderlust Vermont where we will go IN through sweaty sequences, open laughter and hard driving rhythms to free your soul - see you UP on the mountain!


Halle Becker aka homegirl yoga has been a loud and sometimes overwhelming presence on the yoga scene in NYC for the last bunch of years.  Her signature sweat and surrender classes combine deep spiritual lessons embedded in classic rock and a good dose of humor. Halle is the proud mom of two-legged daughter Maya and four legged dogs and horses – Sylvie, Ritzy and George. She runs yoga retreats around the world. She is also 50 years young  but doesn’t like to be reminded that often.

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