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Posted by Guest Scribe on 8/2/13 in Mindfulness

1998 Technology is like fire.  Ever since we've discovered it and known how to harness it, we've found it exceptionally useful.  You can cook your food with fire, you can melt and blow glass with it.  But if you misuse it, you can burn yourself or raze an entire city to the ground.  Technology is a powerful tool - but whether you use the tool to be productive or distructive is up to you.

At Google, where I work, we are building amazing technologies like self driving cars, Google Glass and Google+. But the most important technology that every human being has access to is right within us: our body, our mind, our consciousness. On the outside we have the Internet; on the inside we have what I call the inner-net. That’s the connection you need to make if you want to live a truly conscious life—and there’s a simple step you can take to connect, starting right now.

2000 Communities of employees at Google—“Googlers”—organize themselves into groups that center on different interests. We have Gayglers, Jewglers, and Carpooglers. I started a group called Yoglers with just one student—but word spread and it has become a larger program across many Google offices. When you practice yoga, you’re asked to bring your complete, 100 percent awareness to your body and your breath. If you practice regularly, you stay more aware, and you make choices driven by that. The quality of your interactions improves. You stop checking your e-mail when someone is talking to you. You become a more conscious human being.

1999 Yoga to me can be practiced all the time, like meditation. Every single moment of every day, I try to be mindful, whether I am engaging with a janitor, a chef, an engineer, or a marketing colleague. I do set aside time for specific practices, and for the Yoglers class I teach, but in truth, every moment of every day is my inner work.

 What if you don’t have a yoga or meditation program at your work? It’s simple. Go book a conference room. Sit, close your eyes, start meditating. It doesn’t matter if only one person shows—or if no one does. If you sit there for 60 seconds and watch your breath, you have just started a meditation program. You don’t need a budget or resources. Someone just needs to step forward and do it. Someone—perhaps you.


2001 We are excited to have Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist of Google Social, return to the Wanderlust Whistler Speakeasy this weekend!  Gopi will be accompanied by Jenny Lykken, Google’s Learning and Development Specialist, to discuss the modern workplace as a source of inner peace and global transformation. They will also explore why and how organizations including Google teach mindfulness, emotional intelligence skills and offer yoga programs at work through innovative experiential learning programs such as Search Inside Yourself (SIY) and Yoglers.  Don’t miss them this Sunday at their talk “Search Inside Yourself.”

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