Guest Scribe Dana Damara: Breathe, Move and Awaken to Your Purpose

Posted by Guest Scribe on 6/20/13 in Mindfulness

For many of us, our yoga practice begins as something we do.  We flow through asana and call it our ‘yoga practice’.   Honestly, real yoga practice is flowing through all the messy, uncomfortable situations with the same power and clarity you flow through Surya Namaskar A nine times in a class.  Hopefully, with a clear mind, an open heart and smooth breath.1710

Wouldn’t that be nice?  The world needs more people flowing through life with grace and ease.  Things are rapidly shifting and I’m not quite sure how beneficial the shift really is.  My personal belief is that we yogis (teachers or otherwise), are on the front line of those shifts.  The more awake we can be, the more powerful, authentic and uplifting the shifts can be.

So how do you stay awake in this life and not keep hitting the proverbial ‘snooze’ button? 

1711 1. Move your body every, single, day.

We sit in chairs and in our cars; we stare at computers, phones and other technological devices all day long.  We hunch and slouch, blocking our energy, ultimately creating dis-ease in the body. 

When we breathe and move, we awaken the body to it’s fullest potential.  Sure, you’re elongating your hamstrings but more than that, you’re creating a firm foundation for your stance in life.

2. Sit in silence every, single day.

Silence and stillness makes space for creation.  In that sweet spot, the soul can finally whisper it’s true longings.  Intuition speaks louder than words and you are able to hear what’s really going on behind the cinema of your life.  Rest in uncomfortable situations until you feel overwhelming gratitude.

We avoid painful situations at all costs. Those situations will continue to knock at your door until you finally answer it with a loving, open heart.  I know it’s hard.  Believe me.  I sat across the legal table from my now ex-husband for three months seeing nothing but red. 1712

It stole my peace.  I began looking at him for all the wonderful things he did in the 11 years we were together.  I felt his fear beneath his stoic stance and opened my heart to deep gratitude.  Powerful healing takes place in gratitude.

3. Notice your words

Our words create our reality.  When you use words like, “need, want, trying to figure out, should..” you are sending vibrations out there that aren’t in harmony with Universal flow of life.  The two most powerful words in the English language are I Am.  Notice what you attach to the end of that statement because guess what?  When you say, “I am” you are just that.  No exceptions.

4. Get clear and specific

I don’t mean write out a “two-five-ten year plan” either.  I mean, know your path.  Get clear.  What are your gifts?  What makes you expand? What fills your heart with joy? Are you doing that every single day in some way?

“I want to help people” isn’t going to cut it.  “I am using my gift of speaking to inspire others to live a more authentic life” may do the trick though.

Living this life with purpose can be daunting.  I mean shoot, what would happen if you actually LIVED your purpose and shared your passion?  Gulp.  You may have to actually live up to the amazing human being that you are.  (ps.. you can do it!)


1713 ~Dana Damara believes that how you show up on your mat can be directly related to how you show up off your mat.  Dana leads yoga classes, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings grounded in following our own inner wisdom and is based out of San Francisco, California.  Check out Dana's website and on Facebook and Twitter.

Dana's empowering workshops and retreats on how to Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom & Live Your Best Life begin in October 2013 with a trip to Sonoma! Check out here EVENTS page, plan your next RETREAT or have Dana come to your city and share Inner Wisdom with your community.  Check out her events page, retreat information, and inner wisdsom training.


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