Guest Scribe Charlynn Avery: "Balance as a Daily Priority"

Posted by Guest Scribe on 6/19/13 in Mindfulness

1704 As Wanderlust Vermont kicks off, we are pleased to present a Guest Scribe by Charlynn Avery, Speakeasy presenter, aromatherapist, expert and educator about the benefits of essential oils.  If you're coming to Wanderlust Vermont this weekend, be sure to stop by their table across from registration!

How do we nurture ourselves and create balance in an unbalanced world? According to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive in early 2013, 83% of workers describe themselves as "stressed out" (an increase by 10% from 2012). Imbalance is on the rise – that is a sad fact.

1698 My background has spanned the holistic healing spectrum: from massage therapy and energy work to herbs, nutrition and aromatherapy. One thing that I have learned over the course of my career is that true balance involves daily, conscious choice.  Although we can choose any healing modality and extol its benefits, creating health that is lasting is about making small changes.   

1699 Balanced (calm, healthy and happy) people understand that balance is found in the everyday experience. It would appear that 83% of us tend to believe that balance is a concept that is saved for vacation, the massage table or a trip to the spa. 

Now is the time to restore balance and manifest health. Not next week or on vacation, but right now.

Here are three simple suggestions:

1.      Disconnect – Put down the phone, turn off the T.V. and power down the laptop. Your eyes, brain and pounding head will thank you for it.  Just 20 minutes of technology free time can help you recharge and gain a better perspective.

2.      Reconnect - Getting outside and into nature a little bit every day has a powerful effect on your happiness. You'll find that fresh air, connecting with the elements and feeling the sunshine on your face are all things that elevate your daily experience. It's a connection to the source of all life.

1700 3.      Bring nature inside – Surrounding yourself with plants and natural aromas can restore your vitality. Essential oils contain the characteristic aromas of the plants they're extracted from, as well as many constituents that are beneficial in a variety of ways. You can use them to diffuse emotions during a tense meeting, to wake up or calm down during your daily commute, to help develop a more natural skin care regimen, to keep your home healthy and to assist with a restful evening.  Essential oils are easy to use and are perfect for enhancing your daily rituals and for creating lasting balance practices.


1702 Charlynn Avery, is an aromatherapist and educator for Aura Cacia and Frontier Natural Products Co-op. In her work, she travels around the U.S. teaching about safe and effective essential oil use and is passionate about those powerful oils. Her life’s mission is to empower each individual to be in charge of their own health and healing. Ms. Avery has spent her career practicing and teaching in the arena of holistic health and wellness as a licensed massage therapist and aromatherapist and currently holds additional certifications in holistic nutrition, Thai massage, life coaching and hypnotherapy.  Aura Cacia makes the finest and purest aromatherapy oils. Made with the only high quality, natural ingredients, Aura Cacia products are also environmentally friendly and bottled in minimal and recyclable packaging. 

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