Guest Scribe Bram Levinson: "I Am Love"

Posted by Guest Scribe on 5/16/13 in Inspiration

I've just had an epiphany. After days of intense meditation, and analysis of the science behind it here at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, I came to a massive realization about myself, and, as is my experience through blogging and teaching, I suspect that this realization might resonate with many of you. 

1547 I have always felt love, waves of it, coursing through my body, and I have also always felt the need to share it with those who needed it, people I felt would be receptive to it. From a sympathetic ear, a smile, or a hug, to the simplicity of just being present, it's always been on offer.

I have also always felt loved. From my two parents who, even as they approach their 50th wedding anniversary, love each other with a depth and silliness I've not seen elsewhere, to my partner in life who reminds me daily what unconditional love is, I am on a constant, invisible IV drip of love. I am ridiculously blessed, yet what I realized today is that I have been on a constant search for where to direct and share my love, without acknowledging or reflecting back the love I have been getting all this time.

My realization today is that in continually seeking those whose lives I could positively impact, I inadvertently ignored the blessing of the love that I am graced with daily. I got so conditioned to seeking it out that I couldn't recognize what was right in front of me. I understand the transformative nature of existence, that nothing is ever one thing, and that everything is changing, yet I have taken for granted the love that those in my life have been generous enough to share with me. It may not always be there, and it's the greatest gift I could ever receive, one without a 2nd generation or version 3.0, one that will never be offered through sleek marketing or available for online purchase. And only now, as I approach my 40th birthday, am I waking up to this truth: I am love1548

I will go home from Kripalu with a different set of eyes. I will stop running, understanding that what I have been seeking I already have. I will honour what I am blessed with by giving it the time, appreciation, and acknowledgement it's due. And instead of chasing you down, I'll leave these words here for your perusal and consideration. I'm done with the chase - let the new chapter of my understanding begin here.

1549 ~ Presently the Co-Manager and Certified Yoga Teacher at Centre Luna Yoga in Old Montreal, as well as an alumni ambassador for Lululemon's Ste-Catherine Street location, Bram Levinson has been an enthusiastic yogi since 1999.  After a massive life/career change in 2008, Bram began his Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Darby, Shankara & Joanne. With additional training from Luna Yoga's Jennifer Maagendans, he  incorporates his experience and teachings into his yoga classes, which offer insight into alignment, breath awareness, and the ability to use laughter to get through the more challenging postures and sequences.  Take a class with Bram at Wanderlust Whistler this summer!  He is forever grateful to the Darbys, Jennifer Maagendans, Richard Miller, and Joan Ruvinsky, who initially offered illumination on his yogic path. Follow his insights and observations here, and for more information check out

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