Gopi Kallayil: The Yoga & Dharma of Technology

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"I take the principles my gurus have taught me and try to bring it to practice in the world of technology. How do you take the principles from your yoga and spiritual practice and integrate them into your form of professional expression? Can you integrate them into what you do in your day to day living in the technologies you're surrounded by?" 

Gopi Kallayil opened his Wanderlust California Speakeasy at Wanderlust California 2012. In this lecture, titled "The Yoga & Dharma of Technology," he shares what it is to work for yoga, beyond the mat. Not only is Gopi is Chief Evangelist at Google, where he worked on marketing the Company’s flagship advertising product, AdWords, but he teaches a weekly yoga class to fellow ‘Yoglers’ at the Google campus. Clearly, his passions include both technology and mindfulness practice, and he seeks to share the idea that those two pursuits need not be mutually exclusive. 

"What does the word yoga mean?" asks Gopi, "beyond the poses, the Sanskrit word means to join - to join our individual consciousness to the universal collective consciousness of humanity. Together if we can raise the collective consciousness of humanity, we are truly living and practicing the very principles of yoga."

2242 No longer is it true the proper response to someone engaged on their cell phone to dismiss them as disconnected, or somehow not present: the conscious use of technology can enhance a mindfulness practice, and can create deep connections with people afar. Indeed, as Gopi suggests, “if technology becomes an accessible resource for everyone, we are closer to reaching a collective consciousness. The internet has become the number one way we access information in our education systems, thus providing internet to rural and third world schools is a great step for spreading opportunity."

"4-5 months ago we had a ceremony in my home village temple and the physical conditions of the school looked pretty much the same, with one difference - computers. If they have access to computers, they have access to the same information as someone were goes to Stamford. Computers equal the playing field for all of humanity."

Go deeper to learn more about Gopi's work at Google and how they're working to spread technology, resources, and consciousness by watching and sharing this Speakeasy talk.

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