Getting High with Kia Miller & Tommy Rosen

Posted by Melissa Harrison on 7/29/11 in Uncategorized

There is nothing quite like dancing around with your arms stretched out to the sky with a group of strangers at eight-thirty in the morning. Even more so when you're on the top of a snow-capped mountain bellowing out half in pain and half in joy as it echoes from the cliffs that surround you. I got soooo high this morning, high on yoga, high on breath, high on Kundalini. Tommy Rosen led an awakening set at high camp this morning. An attendee of the class had this to say, “The exhilarating set ended with lion roars, laughter and a few cries of victory. After the set, I felt nothing but bliss and the misty breeze of the mountaintop air.” In one word, I believe this Friday morning could be described as EPIC. I'd like to take the time to quote one of the most loved artists of the festival, Mr. Michael Franti, “Movement is like a phenomena…Everybody on the move, everybody let's move.” See all of you lustful wanderers in the valley tonight, shakin' it to Franti and Spearhead!

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