Friday In Music - Steve Gold's New Release - Let Your Heart Be Known

Posted by Steve Gold on 7/1/11 in Uncategorized

I want to share something close to my heart. My new album, Let Your Heart Be Known, is coming out today! Birthing an album is like birthing a child in many respects. I know this to be true because I witnessed my son Theo's birth two and a half months ago. Since then I've learned that there is nothing anyone can say to prepare you for the journey. You commit to your life changing, to say the least. 

 Like the conception of our child, it takes more than one willing party to conceive. In the case of my album it took a couple of incredibly talented people to help me clearly establish the sound and shape the content that would be the heart beat of the music.

 The first major player to join me was producer, Matt Pszonak. Matt had heard my first album, So Much Magnificence a few months before we ever met and had mentioned to a friend that he'd like to produce me in the future.  I was at Esalen accompanying Shiva Rea when Matt and I crossed paths for the first time. I was playing Spirit I Am for a yoga class and Matt was accompanying me on percussion. We shared a musical kinship immediately and six months later we connected for the first time in the studio. We both love the blues, and Matt liked my Americana acoustic guitar approach to weaving English lyrics and Sanskrit mantras into harmonies. We agreed that the album should not only be the soundtrack for the lifestyle we live, but also a great accompaniment for driving in mountain, coastal or desert landscapes. We quickly conceived the first incarnation of an as yet untitled album.

 What followed was a lengthy gestation period punctuated by weekends of more writing, composing and recording. We had six songs that were steeped in spirit, and had good bones but needed some defining features. Most of them were strong enough to get up and walk right away, but they didn't all look like they came from the same set of parents. I needed help defining the identity of my album. At that point I called another producer, Frank Fitzpatrick whom I'd met through a mutual friend and yogi, Saul David Raye. Frank had produced the 2010 Compilation CD, Yoga Revolution featuring Peter Gabriel, Sting, Krishna Das and other artists. 

 Frank listened and offered to come on board as an executive producer. He immediately cut some of the songs we'd recorded and we carefully crafted the remaining songs to live together on the same album. In familial terms we'd refer to this as readying the nest.

As our completion deadline approached, the labor pains began. We suffered from anxiety, and began to get bogged down in perfectionism. Just like before our baby arrived. Will the birth be smooth? Will the baby be healthy? Will it have any missing parts? We made last minute changes, which turned out to be crucial to the integrity of the record. And after many lengthy discussions, we finally agreed on a title that captured the spirit of what the album. Relieved, we'd found our baby's name.

Shortly thereafter, my wife, Anne-Émilie gave birth to our son at home. With Theo came a fresh wave of creativity and inspiration to finish our musical project. Artwork, photography and the final mixing and mastering came together beautifully. We even had a few unexpected sponsors come forward with generous gifts of support.

 And so, today, on the birthday of my new album, I'm in a state of gratitude for music that heals and inspires, for the producers and musicians who create it, for the artists who give their hearts to it, and for our community who supports us along the way (thank you Superfans for your pre-purchases!). Like caring for our baby after the birth, the real work begins today. Concerts, workshops and major travel to promote my album are just around the corner. I hope you can join me on this new journey, starting on Friday July 16th in L.A. for our album release concert hosted at Exhale by Shiva Rea. I'd be thrilled to have you come and enjoy our new music live, and meet our son Theo.

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