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The Shaman's Dream World Groove Ensemble is a collective of Los Angeles based musicians and dancers dedicated to building community though world music, ecstatic dance and sacred ritual. In 1997, Kohland and Berry created a highly acclaimed community world music and ecstatic dance journey process called "Zen Dancing". Their work with Zen Dancing has been highlighted on the BBC, Lifetime Television, The London Sunday Times, Spirit Magazine, Harper's Bazaar. Craig Kohland and Shaman's Dream create improvisational world music for the ecstatic movement meditation process which is facilitated by producer, dancer and yoga instructor, Micheline Berry.

What makes Shaman's Dream's music and events unique is it's improvisational and ritual-based. Creating music in this way requires the musicians to be spontaneous and source their musical inspiration from the immediacy of the moment during the ecstatic ritual, moving-meditation process. A deep listening to oneself, to the other musicians, to the environment and to the dancers is crucial. This approach allows the music to be open to follow the flow of the moment, leaving room for spirit to be present.

Recently, I had a chance to sit down and talk with Craig Kohland of Shaman's Dream. Read what he had to say about Wanderlust Festival and Miami.

Explain the Shaman's Dream collective, who is in it? How and when did it start?

The Shaman's Dream Music Collective is a group of musicians, artists, yogis and producers dedicated to inspiring the celebration of life and healthy loving choices through music, dance, art and ritual.  Supporting the path towards wellness and joy. It began in 1996 in Los Angeles, CA with Micheline Berry, Yoga Teacher and myself, Craig Kohland starting collaborating together creating a monthly ritual music dance concert called - Zen Dancing.

Being that you are playing Miami, who from the collective will be joining you?

Craig Kohland and Rara Avis

Do you have any special surprises that you can hint us to for Miami?

Booty shaken dance music and awesome chill out Yoga Music.

You played Wanderlust Festival last year, how does it differ from other yoga or music festivals you have played?

It's the best festival and really the only festival of the year for anyone who loves yoga and great music together

What are you looking forward to most about Wanderlust at The Standard?

Being with my yoga community, celebrating our blessed lives.

Tell us all something we (probably) don't know about you!

We are launching this year, the Digital music store for the yoga world called Yogi Tunes.

Thanks Craig, we are very much looking forward to your performance this year at Wanderlust at The Standard!

Check out this video from Shaman's Dream for a preview of what's to come!

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