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As opening night came to a close, under the moonlit sky and reverberating airwaves of DJ Dragonfly, we can only begin to express the depth of our gratitude for the experience that is Wanderlust 2010. The YogaTree tent and the sold out crowd (incredible photos by Tinywater photography here ) had the privilege of flowing down the river of prana with Shiva Rea, while others kayaked and cleaned the lake with Kerri Kelly. We faced the rewarding challenge of Rusty Wells, experienced the expansion of our radiant body guided by master teacher Kia Miller and are waiting with baited prana for the cornucopia of Wanderlust transformations .

Watch the Thursday recap video presented by Yoga Aid and The Daily Love:

Elena Brower led us on the path of transformation in the first of many Daily Asana videos, captured live on site from Wanderlust.  In the new series, presented by Adidas, Elena helps us to rediscover the energies of our bodies through explorations of the five elements, drawing inspiration from Mother Nature herself. Watch as Elena flows thru the sequence of space, to bring receptivity to the heart, while riding the Cable Car up to High Camp.


As every new day brings a wealth of new experiences, we hope to guide your journey with some of our tips below.

7AM. Box office opens. Its om time!File 1868
Once you arrive on site, you can check in as early as 7 AM at the box office (in Kula Village). Scheduling is closed online, but if you have issues, you can visit the Scheduling Help Desk (also in the box office). A $20 change fee may apply.
Once you're ready to om, please arrive 15 minutes early to all classes. Sages, Seekers, and Pilgrims can queue up in the ticket holder line for priority access. All others should wait in the Guest Line.

3:30 PM. The Yoga Trifecta: Baron, Shiva & Seane
Under the shade of The Pulse tent, vinyasa rock stars Baron Baptiste, Shiva Rea and Seane Corn team up for the Yoga Aid Challenge - a benefit that has raised over $5,000 for Off The Matt, Into the World. The tandem teaching session will be set to the beat of the Dave Stringer Band and is still open to all yoga ticket holders. Once you're the flow is over, stick around as The Mayapuris lead all 1,000+ students through a percussive procession leading to Village Anusara. Awaiting your arrival Hamsa Lila will be drumming up an acoustic set of world trance grooves.

High Camp. A paradise atop the Sierras
To get to classes at High Camp, Sages, Seekers and Pilgrims can pick up tickets in front of the Cable Car. Please note: Sages and Seekers should hold onto tickets for the whole weekend. Once you've reached camp, explore the swimming lagoon, pamper yourself with a spa treatment, cool off at the ice skating rink or simply enjoy the breathtaking views. Be sure to purchase tickets for the Fire & Ice dinner (Sat) in advance to feast on an incredible menu of local, organic and vegan fare while gazing out at the stunning views of the valley.

7:30 PM. Feel The Pulse
Like music, yoga opens us up, links us in rhythm and brings us in the pulse of the now.  The Pulse stage, co-curated by Shiva Rea, opens tonight for music with performances by Orgone, Pretty Lights and Moby (DJ Set). Sip on refreshing elixirs crafted by Organic Nation while you wind down after a long day or get your groove on for a night of bliss.

Prepare for total sensory immersion at Village Anusara
File 1866
Explore the world of Anusara® , home of world-renowned teachers Sianna and Elena, among others. Village Anusara celebrates the diversity in creative expression that flourishes when deeply rooted in a hatha yoga practice. Among the multi-faceted experiences that will live alongside yoga are a live mural painting of Hindu iconography; hoop dancing with the nation's leading 'hoopers'; balancing on a slackline with the YogaSlackers; aerial trapeze with Manduka; learning to fly (or be flown) with AcroYoga co-founders Jason & Jenny; 'upcycling' with interactive sowing stations at the prAna General Store; and perusing the Dialect Art Gallery featuring work from up-and-coming modern artists. Follow @Anusarafriend   and send some love to #villageanusara for the latest.

12 AM. Dance the night away
Join bay area badass Ana Sia on a musical expedition into the deepest reaches of your brain with her infectious blend of dirty dubstep, grimy glitch, and her personalized blend of "global slut psy-hop". The party goes down at the Olympic Plaza Bar, nestled between Village Anusara and Kula Village. Groove till the wee hours of the morning, then wake up and do it all over again.

So we leave you off, with insightful wisdom fresh from The Daily Love (where you can sign up to wake up inspired everyday):

"By tuning into the neutral mind I realized the best moment in my life is always this moment." -Kia

All photos by Tinywater Photography 

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