Friday Dance and Music Recap: Bassnectar at Wanderlust 2010

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Since it is Friday and the weekend is upon us, I like to listen to some upbeat dance music to start the weekend off. Usually, I am not one for dubstep when it comes to electronica and dance; but Bassnectar brings it…and brings it hard.

It seems every year that Bassnectar gets bigger and bigger. It was just about three years ago when I saw him play in front of a crowd of maybe 200 in Miami for Winter Music Conference opening for Z-Trip. These days, it would be the exact opposite and Z-Trip would be opening for him. This brings me to the topic of the rise of dubstep with artists like Rusko, Bassnectar, Nero and more. "The new sound is more experimental, more daring and a lot more up-tempo," explains Rusko, but also Rusko goes on to say "don't go expecting any 'Now Thats What I Call Dub' compilations anytime soon." Another great example of the rise of dubstep is the statistics when you compare a dubstep artist and rock-buzz band. On NextBigSound.Com, which compares social media fans and statistics, we compared Bassnectar and The Arcade Fire. While The Arcade Fire may have more overall fans, in the past year it is Bassnectar who has seen faster growth.

Without further ado, do you like dubstep? Would you like to see more music like this at Wanderlust 2011? Tell us and check out this video of Bassnectar from Wanderlust 2010.

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