Fire - The Daily Asana with Elena Brower, Episode 4

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As evening approaches at Wanderlust, several thousand festival-goers migrate to the Pulse stage where headlining acts from across the country put on a show to be remembered. The sun sets behind the mountains lighting the sky aglow, and the heat of the day gives way to a cool evening breeze. The scene on the other hand is just starting to sizzle.

This festival is so unique and exciting in the way it fuses yoga and music and allows these creative energies to play off of each other. The result is often unusual, fresh combinations of talent that merge through this atmosphere of collaboration and openness, leading unpredictable new harmonies to emerge. The relationship between music and yoga is very special and it is such a pleasure to witness.

The nurturing energy that is 'put in' through the practice of yoga builds up a type of fuel within the center. This fuel has many names - life force, chi, what have you - and where it is abundant the passionate force of Agni (Sanskrit for fire) is never far behind. When ignited, this fuel erupts in a primal flame that rages love out into the world, producing infinite forms of celebration for the body and spirit. Not the least of which is dancing into the night to the music of a fantastic lineup of top artists.

May such a fire burn brightly for you, may it set your soul ablaze, and may it never be extinguished!

Watch Episode 4 of our brand new series, The Daily Asana with Elena Brower - presented by Wanderlust and Adidas, below. As you gear up for a day of new adventures, we hope you'll find some new meaning for your practice.


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