Finding Peace in Grief through Wanderlust Love

Posted by Shanie Matthews on 8/3/11 in Uncategorized

“I don't want to be here.”

A strange comment to come out of a yoga teacher about to lead a few hundred of us into an hour and a half class, but in reality most of us felt exactly the same. We don't want to be sitting crossed-legged in front of Seane Corn, because it means we are hurting. We are all here for one mend a broken heart.

It is the last day of an awe-inspiring four days of Wanderlust in Squaw Valley, and the glow is apparent in the hundreds of sets of eyes that have chosen to attend this gathering with Seane. But it is also very real that we are coming together because we all share loss in some way, shape, or form.

“I don't want to be here, because I lost my Dad a year ago. He was not only my father, but also my yoga partner, teacher, and mentor. But he wanted me to do this. He wanted me to help make death a normal part of our conversations, so that we may heal the loss.” The acknowledgment of understood feelings moistened the cheeks of many that sat around me. We shared our losses together, coming together as a family. As some in the group shared, the love of understanding grew.

We moved from a heart-warming share of our losses to an enriching and loving flow of Vinyasa. As the class settled into Savasana, I quickly glanced around the room. This personal shift in deep grief was not something that I had expected from Wanderlust. My pain in losing double digits of friends to various ways of death in the last decade had entrenched a sense of loneliness within my soul. Yet I was not alone. We all, even one of the most amazing yoga instructors in the world, feels heartache at some point in life. And like I, she felt the resistance to feeling the depth of the grief, yet has moved through it in the love of the community of Yoga. It is vital for us to come together in a place of love – a setting of positive connection with others – to find peace of heart.

Yoga. Meditation. Wanderlust. These are tools that create the nourishing community that supports the space of love that allows us each, in our own way, to grow through the pain of loss…a community that lifts up our best self, so that we may find our true self.

In deep gratitude to Seane, the participants of the “Heal a Broken Heart” class, and the loving Wanderlust community…the world sparkles more because of you.

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