"Feel the Music"

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“The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” ~ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


1593 We at WLHQ caught some contagious inspiration this morning from this captivating mini doc, “Feel the Music,” a look into the lives of music interpreters.  Through body movement and sign language, these emotion and energy translators communicate between musicians and the deaf audience at concerts.

The film got us thinking about concerts and high-energy environments as a place to create community and a collective consciousness. The energy becomes a method of inclusion. Though interpreting music can be entirely personal, music also has a way of stirring the same feelings and responses from a crowd of listeners, regardless of race, religion, sex, and other defining characteristics.

FEEL THE MUSIC -- LotuSIGN from Greenheart Creative on Vimeo.

“Music can move you to laugh, to cry, to want to dance, to want to fall in love, to be sad, and to be able to channel that to the deaf audience – there are no words for it.” This rings especially true in “Feel the Music”.  From interviews with both translators and deaf concertgoers, we learn that the deaf can feel completely in tune with the emotions of a song, thanks to the translators, vibrations, and engulfing energy of the crowd.

1594 “There’s just something primal and beautiful about the way that music touches you on a molecular level….LotuSIGN's interpreting of music provides complete and total access to that.  Access to emotions, access to experience, access to the cultural center, which is that venue,” explains one translator.

On the receiving end, a concertgoer confirms: “When I’m there I don’t feel like I’m a deaf person who needs some kind of special service.  I’m finally just apart of everything that’s going on and as much of it as everyone else.”

We at Wanderlust are honored to have to Jefe Greenheart and Kelly Vaughn on our video crew, and we thank them for sharing this moving short film with us.  For more awesomeness in the video dimension, check out Greenheart Creative.

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