Featured teachers: Brock and Krista Cahill

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This week Wanderlust Wonders what L.A. based, gravity cowboys Brock and Krista Cahill have to say about this years festivities.

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What does wanderlust mean to you?

Wanderlust is that juicy salivation that happens when you get a chance to see a new place, or meet new friends, or try a new experience, or delve into a deeper pool in your soul.


What do you dig most about the combination of yoga and music?

The combo of music and yoga has been the focus of my entire life.  They are both meditations leading toward your soul.  The flow yoga practice ebbs with rhythm and melody.  When accompanied by a powerful soundtrack, brace yourself for a beautiful quake!


What gets you excited about this year's festival?

This year's festival is totally new school!  It breaks down the barriers of what yoga festivals have been in the past, adds some zest and life, and rock n roll!  Thank god.  The old shit is tired.

Three favorite things in the world right now?

Handstands.  Music.  And travel.  Hmmm....  Wanderlust sounds fun!


What's your personal mantra?

"Handstanders unite!"  Now is the time more than ever to realize our dharma.  We are in a state of massive transition, and we have the wherewithal to make a conscious change toward survival.  My dharma is to train an army of yogi kshatriyas, make us strong as hell, in union, so we can go out into the world and practice turning all the impossible tasks that we face, into merely challenging obstacles.  It's not going to be easy, nor is the yoga we practice.  Buckle up buttercup.





Brock and Krista Cahill will be teaching at this year's Wanderlust Festival. View their full profile

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