Featured teacher: Vinny Ferraro

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Vinny Ferraro the head trainer for the extraordinary youth empowering Mind Body Awareness Project is a secret guerrilla poet. Read more about him...

What does Wanderlust mean to you?

A chance to be with friends and celebrate this impossible dream together.

What do you dig most about the combination of yoga and music?

Because meditation isn't just on the cushion, it's an integrated practice. "As long as you love the sacred and despise the ordinary your still bobbing in the ocean of delusion."

What gets you excited about this year's festival?

Well Duncan Wong is a madman, then there's the Yard Dogs, Ana Sia, oh yeah, did I mention Beats Antique. It's a goddamn dream team line up.

Three favorite things in the world right now?

Personal Freedom, Die Antwoord, making people smile.

Something your students might not know about you?

I secretly paste poems up nearly everywhere I go.

What's your personal mantra?

"It's like this right now."

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