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Wanderlust Wonders teacher feature this week includes Yoga Psychology specialist Ashley Turner. With a masters from Pacifica Graduate Institute and 13-month Priestess Training, Yoga Psychology is an innovative synthesis of psychology, spirituality, yoga and modern science.

What does Wanderlust mean to you?

MAGIC! We are a wandering band of artists, musicians, shamans, mystics, healers, priestesses and troubadours lusting after our love of life! Finally we have a gathering place to rock our collective magic - each bringing our own unique song to the symphony! YAY!

What do you dig most about the combination of yoga and music?

Music is the language of love!  All forms of music have been known throughout ancient traditions to be the ultimate, healing elixir. Based on the science of vibration, yoga is tuning the instrument of the body/mind so the music or life that flows through us is more sublime and beautiful with each breath.

Music and Yoga are two sides of the same coin.

I left last year's festival wondering why it took us so long to create what seems like such an obvious synthesis! Kudos to Jeff, Schuyler and Sean!

What gets you excited about this year's festival?

It's sort of like an annual class reunion--except you can't wait to see everyone and you are in one of the most beautiful places in the country! I'm just so grateful to come hang and play with some of my best friends and get to take their classes.  It's so fun to see what everyone is passionate about in this moment and keep your finger on the pulse of yoga's leading-edge!

I also cannot wait to reunite with YogiTunes DJ Collective's Craig Kohland and Rara Avis for our collaboration - "Shaman-Priestess" ... I adore creating with them, as we have some similar spiritual roots. We always drop deep and sweet. They are phenomenal!

Three favorite things in the world right now?

As a Body-Mind Psychotherapist, I am thrilled with all the latest, scientific research coming out in support of the Mind-Body connection. Finally, as yogis, we have the proof to back up the technology of yoga and meditation, especially to the medical establishment. In LA, we are lucky to have the Mindfulness Awareness Research Center at UCLA. Dr. Daniel Siegel's work is groundbreaking. His latest book, " The Mindful Brain"  proves how staying aware actually builds new neural pathways in the brain and body and is the key to shifting the habits in our lives! I love being able to educate my clients and skeptics in daily conversation with evidence-based research. Not that I'm obsessed or anything...just sayin'...

The internet is a direct, physical manifestation of what yogis have been teaching for ages -- the intricate interconnectedness and interdependence of all things.  The astral web has come to life in the virtual world -- each one of us living as a luminous filament threading our own particular brand of magic into the world! Social media rolled out the red-carpet for us to come together as a tribe and form strong friendships and collaborations with peers, colleagues and students across the globe. I also love devouring illuminating blog posts from leaders in all fields.

Honestly, I am LOVING YogaEarth! This simple product has changed my life in such a sweet way. It's an herbal supplemental formula, actually 2 different formulas, that you mix with 4-6 oz. of water. I take BALANCE in the morning (a little fruitier and sweeter) and VITALITY in my mid-afternoon lull around 3pm (more earthy, with organic, shade-grown Japanese green tea for a pick-me-up). I absolutely LOVE the taste! They are packed with powerful nutrients and had a huge, immediate effect on my digestion and assimilation. I love the little ritual of taking them and having them to look forward to every day. Plus you know you're doing something so potent for your body!

Added Bonus: they aid metabolism and curb your appetite, while giving you more energy.

Something your students might not know about you?

I am an identical twin! My sister, Christine, left her job as a corporate lawyer in NYC in 2008 to work on Obama's campaign and was subsequently appointed to a wonderful position in the administration. Through nepotism, I was lucky enough to go to the convention in Denver and work the VIP suite hosting the Obama and Biden family members and then participate in the Inauguration in DC! The entire journey was life-changing and awe-inspiring! Talk about the hallmark of a true yogi -- Obama, and his powerful inner circle exuded absolute grace and the cellular knowingness that anything IS possible!

P.S. We're hoping for a special guest appearance by Christine at this year's Wanderlust!

What's your personal mantra?

"True perfection seems imperfect, yet it is perfectly itself."  Tao Te Ching

Yoga, Mindfulness & Happiness with Ashley Turner from MindBodyGreen on Vimeo.


Ashley Turner will be teaching at Wanderlust 2010. Check out her full profile here.

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