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Founder and co-owner of Virayoga, Elena's 14 years of teaching yields a distinct blend of yoga and healing traditions. Her voice reveals the day-to-day relevance of the practices, via artful alignment and attention cues intended to situate us consistently in our hearts. From the Museum of Modern Art to the Great Lawn at Central Park in New York; from the playa at Burning Man to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, she is honoured to offer larger-scale experiences of yoga, but Elena's true service is in shifting awareness within the smallest interactions; one family, one household at a time. She's been featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Natural Living, the Element Yoga for Beginners DVD series, FitYoga, ABC News, NBC News and is the voice for Deepak Chopra's groundbreaking video game LEELA, which blends meditation with game play. Elena is also the Executive Producer of ON MEDITATION, a series of edifying, inspirational shorts on the reality of meditation, to be released in 2012. Elena's recently developed an essential oil blend called GIVE that proudly benefits her favorite global cause, Women For Women International. Current classes can be enjoyed on Yogaglo.com.

From Elena: "There are a few great reasons to live on the East Coast: the first day of Spring is one of them. Enjoy this gorgeous time of the year - it's magical.

I feel so lucky to have Wanderlust VT to look forward to this summer. Watch for our Vira/Kula 10 year celebration class and special accommodations for our studio students!"

Elena's Classes at Wanderlust Vermont
Earth Meditation - Friday, June 22nd - 8:00am: Simple seated meditation to connect to the magic of this planet and awaken the healing state with great efficiency and reverence.

Spiritual Parenting: Evolving Your Lineage
 - Friday, June 22nd - 4:00pm 

Interior Relationship
- Saturday, June 23rd - 10:00am: If you're new to the practice, come feel alignment, heart and love in your body. Elena considers teaching Basics a privilege.

Cultivating Resonance
- Saturday, June 23rd - 2:00pm: End-of-Day Restorative sequence to situate you in the profound resonance of your heart.

Final Practice: Let it Flow
- Sunday, June 24th - 2:00pm: There will be blood - pumping. There will definitely be sweat. There may be tears. For your final class of the festival, we shall leave you wrung out, reborn, and prepared to bring the energy of Wanderlust back home with you. Experience what unfolds amidst our deep respect for one another, the perfect live music and your willing heart. Spring 2013 is the 10 year anniversary for both Kula and Vira and we're thrilled to be celebrating with the whole Wanderlust community.  Let the celebration begin!

We are thrilled to have Elena Brower back for another great year of Wanderlust Vermont! Check out these videos from her previous visits to Wanderlust Festival below:

Elena Brower - 2010 Speakeasy - Squaw Valley, USA

Elena Brower - 2011 Speakeasy - Stratton Mountain Resort

Read Elena's latest Huffington Post entry here as she teaches us to "Remap our Minds" to better ourselves. 

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