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Singer Fanny Frankin and keys player Dan Hastie of Orgone got together and answered our Wanderlust questions.

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What does Wanderlust mean to you?

FF: Good vibes, great music, cool peeps and fresh air!!!

What do you dig most about the combination of yoga and music?

FF: Well Yoga is so wonderfully healing for the body and the soul. Music does the same thing so it makes perfect sense to combine these two forms of physical expression in one big festival, a place where folks can share in the positive energy that will be generated by Musoga!!!

What gets you excited about this year's festival?

DH: Since this will be Orgone's 1st wanderlust, we are excited about the location. The environment will be a source of inspiration that will be heard in the music...

Three favorite things in the world right now?

FF: Kind people!  Awesome festivals, like Wanderlust ;)!  Great food in new places!

Something your fans might not know about you?

DH: Come grab a drink or other with us after the show, this band is not afraid to get their party on...

What's your personal mantra?

FF: Beauty, kindness, love and abundance for all!

DH: Bands don't make it because they break up...


Check out Orgone's full page and see when they are performing at Wanderlust 2010.

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