Featured musician: Todd Boston

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This week Wanderlust Wonders features Todd Boston, multi-instrumentalist performer of world and devotional folk music. On stage Todd Boston uses looping technology to create his passionate sound with no pre-recorded tracks. Check out his technique in the video below.

What does Wanderlust mean to you?

An exciting opportunity to share music and yoga within a conscious minded festival filled with amazing people and artists!  All in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains!  Pure Joy!!

What do you dig most about the combination of yoga and music? 

I love the natural relationship that exists between movement and music.  It is a such a symbiotic relationship that goes back to the root of both music and yoga, back to the ashrams in India where yogis and musicians all gathered to express their devotion.  To me, yoga and dance are really connected and so it seems as though just about every culture has a way to express the relationship of music and movement which is what the Wanderlust festival is all about.

What gets you excited about this year's festival? 

I am so excited to be immersed in the mountains and in the high energy festival atmosphere.  There are so many talented artists and teachers that will be sharing their gifts, of course I am honored and excited to share my music as well and perform with other talented people!

Three favorite things in the world right now? 

Music, Nature, Good Food and Love, oops that's four

Something your fans might not know about you? 

My favorite snack food is pretzels, all shapes and sizes although soft pretzels and sticks are probably my two favorites.

What's your personal mantra? 

Be Happy and Live from the Heart!



Read more about Todd Boston on his full Wanderlust page, and check out when he will be performing at Wanderlust 2010.

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