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Wanderlust Wonders about Steve Gold, a singer/songwriter Saul David Raye calls, "a down to earth, soulful being who creates powerfully positive music that heals, connects and inspires."

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This is a photo of me singing in high school in the 80's. I was playing with Dean Butterworth on drums, Curtis Mathewson on guitar, and Rob Thomas on bass. Shortly after this photo was taken Curtis and I began working with Malcolm McLaren (manager of the Sex Pistols). Dean went on to play for Ben Harper, John Lee Hooker, Morrissey and Nancy Sinatra. Curtis has worked with The Foo Fighters, Brian May, T Bone Burnett, and produced Train's second platinum album. I took up yoga :) Presently Curtis and I are working together on my upcoming release.

What does wanderlust mean to you?

To me wanderlust is following the courageous path of the heart. Answering the call of wanderlust requires trust in the flow, surrendering to the outcome and enjoying the ride along the way.

What do you dig most about the combination of yoga and music?

I love the prana (energy) exchange between all those present. I especially enjoy singing to receptive people that are layed out on the floor in savasana. I often witness tears flowing from their eyes, and it makes me feel deeply grateful to be able to share this gift of singing with yogis on the path.

What gets you excited about this year's festival?

I am very excited that Shiva Rea invited me to accompany her at the festival! We have collaborated in many retreats, and workshops but I think this festival is going to surpass anything we've done together before. Shiva inspires me to surrender to the flow, and give my all - that's exciting!

Three favorite things in the world right now?

Presently I'd say my three favorite things in the world are my guitar, my room with a view of the ocean, and whatever my wife Anne-Émilie is cooking!

Something your fans might not know about you?

I was an Elvis impersonator at age three.

What's your personal mantra?



Steve Gold will be performing at this year's Wanderlust Festival. View his full profile

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