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Posted by Tali Koziol on 7/30/11 in Uncategorized

I had been looking forward to the Farm-to-Table Dinner since I first learned about it a few weeks ago. The menu sounded divine and the experience definitely unique. So after a fun day of volunteering at the Gaiam tent I got myself a little gussied up and made my way to the Cable Car. Not only was on my way to an amazing dinner, but at High Camp! So beautiful to watch the valley change as the sun went down.

Once I arrived to the dining area I was lead to a table with other Wanderlust guests. It was great meeting new people from different areas and learning about them and their experiences. So whether you attend alone or with friends it's an amazing opportunity to engage with other attendees. Soon after we arrived the buffets opened and we were off!

My favorite thing about food that is so fresh is there is no need to add heavy creams and cheeses. The fresh vegetables pop with flavor with little more added than citrus and herbs The entrees ranged from chicken to fish to vegetarian and were all exquisite. The whole buffet was full of robust flavor, I think all palettes would find something to their taste. The universal hit seemed to be the Truffle Portabello Fries. They were ridiculously delicious. I would probably eat them every day if I could.

Once we had our fill of savory goodness it was on to the sweets, dessert! There was a nice selection of two-bite tarts, brownies, and blondies as well as ice cream. The dark chocolate ice cream was quite potent. The flavor was yummy and a little intense, I only had two or three bites and was a satisfied, happy girl.

I am not certain what made the experience so great. Perhaps it was new friends, maybe the view, or it could be the food. Most-likely it was the fabulous combination of the three. The best part? They're doing it all again on Saturday night. If you haven't signed up, get your tickets now. A great meal, a little wine, and great conversation; this is what magic Wanderlust memories are made of.

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