Falling in Love with Yoga (in One Word)

Posted by admin on 8/28/13 in Yoga

If you could only use one word to sum up what yoga means to you, what would it be?

In this captivating lululemon footage, attendees from Wanderlust Vermont to Whistler give it a try, and lululemon ambassadors Alex Mazerolle, Kristin Campbell, Eoin Finn, Kerri Kelly chime in on their stories and thoughts about falling in love with yoga.

Like all writing, it's not easy to simplify and condense all of the things we want to say into one small word.  At WLHQ, we each brainstormed our own one-word answers, and this is what we came up with: vulnerability, awareness, patience, balance, connection, breath, reflection, grace, strength, peace.

Share your one-word love for yoga in the comments below!

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