Expanding a World of Loving Consciousness

Posted by Shanie Matthews on 7/31/11 in Uncategorized

Imagine learning ways to create happiness in our lives every day. This concept is exactly what called me to participate in a Wanderlust session introducing the three levels of consciousness and how they play a role in the way we live our lives.

As I walked into the Expanding Light Dome -- aptly named with its otherworldly hexagon shape, beautiful pillows, throw rugs, chimes, and serene atmosphere -- my attention was drawn to the lovely woman leading the talk, Anandi Nayaswami. Just by looking at her, you could sense that she was a female that glows with love from the inside out…an example of the embodiment of serenity.

This alone held my interest. I wanted to feel the calmness that sparkled from this beautiful person.

Calming the crowd down with a soft mantra of “Joy, joy, joy, joy, everywhere is joy, joy. Joy, joy, joy, joy, everywhere is joy, joy,” Anandi brought the forty or so of us to a quiet still. Her softness within her strength was evident, and it seemed all of us felt a pulling to hear what this wonderful presence of peace had to say.

It came down to a simple concept that is so incredibly important for us all to incorporate into our lives: of the three levels of consciousness, there is only one that can truly bring us happiness…the superconscious. Breaking down the three consciousnesses for the group by involving three volunteers, Anandi explained how each plays an important role in creating the life we want. But that only the superconscious has the ability to connect us with our true self. Or as explained by Anandi, “The conscious mind and the subconscious mind are aspects of the superconscious, as if stepped down through filters, so that they are less clear expressions of the pure light of God.”

And what is it that we can do to connect with our superconscious? A practice of meditation…a tool that is so easy to incorporate into life, if we so choose.

As a person that has meditated for years, off and on, this was a monumental piece of information for me. I have the power to connect with a part of myself that I didn't even know existed, my superconscious. In fact, we all have that power. We all have that ability to create a loving relationship with ourselves with the guidance of support that is always there for us if we want to connect.

What a concept! Imagine if this was a worldly practice. Imagine.

Thank you to Anandi and Wanderlust for expanding my mind…may this message of the beauty of connection to our superconscious mind continue throughout the world.

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