Elena Brower: On Parenting Spiritually

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It's always a pleasure when Elena Brower visits us at the Speakeasy ~ not only does she pack the house, but there's often a moment that the elements agree with her.  In 2011, it rained for almost the entire festival, and yet, during her talk entitled "Bring the Light", the sun came out.  This past year, we largely avoided the rain but for one quick deluge which descended during this talk, and at the 26 minute mark, hear the heavens punctuate the point Elena makes about how all habitual criticism repeats in one way or another.

Elena herself reviewed this video with us and provided some points that she wants to underline about "Spiritual Parenting: Evolving Your Lineage".  In her own words:

"This isn't just about our KIDS - this is about making things right with regards to our own PARENTS.

We'll come to a mutual definitiion of Spirituality  - as ALERTNESS, awareness, presence which leads inexorably to equanimity.

This talk is about how to SHOW UP WITH THAT alertness with the closest in our lives.

PRACTICE IS REQUIRED TO EVOLVE ANY LACK OF EQUANIMITY- that is our mission and our privilege.

Why is it so easy to be "spiritual" with complete strangers? With this talk we begin a process of finding a way back to this definition of spirituality with our own families. NOT JUST WITH OUR CHILDREN, but most importantly and primarily with OUR PARENTS.

HONOUR OUR FAMILY OF ORIGIN - we must put our parents first if we want to BE great parents

We must understand our parents to forgive them. We really picked them perfectly.

Our kids are soaking up EVERY THEORY THAT WE HAVE ABOUT OUR PARENTS... everything we think about them - every judgment, every fear we have about our parents, every feeling... THIS is what our kids are absorbing.

Our children are bathing in our assumptions about our parents. Whatever we think about our parents right now is what our children will think about us... so let's clean it up.

With this talk, we learn about limbic resonance, inspired by A General Theory of Love, and how our every mood is shared, limbically, and that we have choices. We learn that there can be no blame. 


And this is just the tip of the iceberg where Elena's insight and influence is concerned ~ for those who want more, there's plenty of ways to keep tabs on EB.

First, we are terribly excited about the release of her Art of Attention book (co-created with Erica Jago), which is not only a visually stunning but also filled with incredibly poignant insights.  The first orders have started shipping, and if you want to order one, it would make the perfect gift for the thougtful and artistic yogi in your life.

Secondly, have you checked out the re-design of her website? ElenaBrower.com is a lovely expression of EB herself, part teacher, part artist, and wholly present mama. The elegant re-design is courtesty Minima Designs

And lastly, this being the season of giving, what better way to treat your loved ones to something that gives back?  Elena's custom scent, Give Scent, donates a portion of all proceeds to Women For Women International.  Elena tells us, "I am loving how many women across the world are loving my creation. This is a non-toxic alternative to scents that are truly harmful to our nervous systems and endocrine systems and we are now redesigning the packaging and it's going to be wonderful."

We are truly grateful to have people like Elena in the Wanderlust family, and supporting her teachings and causes is something that comes naturally to us, as she as been a champion and companion for our mission to create mindful community from the beginning. We encourage you to take the lessons in her Speakeasy to heart.

Wanderlust Festival is also endebted to Hay House who helped us realize the entire 2012 Speakeasy Lecture Series across all four festivals (Stratton, VT in June 2012; Copper Mountain, CO in July; Squaw Valley, CA in late July; and Whistler, BC, Canada in August). With Hay House's amazing roster of speakers (which you can witness in person at their incredible "I Can Do It" events), it's no wonder that they helped elevate the conversation at Wanderlust's Speakeasy this summer. We encourage you to stay tuned to the Hay House FB feed to make sure you know the next time one of their authors is speaking near you. 

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