"Eat-in" with Dr. Mark Hyman

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This year we are pleased to host Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D. as a Wanderlust speaker, educator, and advocate. Dr. Hyman will be speaking at Wanderlust Colorado in keynote fashion on Friday, July 5 at 4pm.  It's worth noting that this lecture will not be taking place in the typical Speakeasy venue, but in the Big Horn conference room.  Why would we put a doctor in a space normally reserved for our large-scale yoga classes?  Because we believe he's got important tools to share with our community that will make a real and lasting change in your health.  Dr. Hyman is a dynamic and personable speaker ~ you won't want to miss this one, so reserve your spot for his talk right here

1269 Who exactly is Dr. Mark Hyman? Dr. Hyman is a family physician and a driving force behind functional medicine. He has written multiple New York Times best sellers including The Blood Sugar Solution, The UltraMind Solution, The UltraSimple Diet, and UltraMetabolism. His work and lectures provide insight into UltraWellness, promoting vital mental and physical health, optimal weight, and a renewed lease on life.  He's also got a sense of humour, and is savvy with social media, as you can see from the humorous images here that he posts to his Facebook page.

1270 If you aren't able to join us at Wanderlust Colorado to hear Dr. Hyman, here's another way you can learn more about him and participate in augmenting your own well-being. On April 7th, 2013, Dr. Hyman is asking individuals to "Eat-In" and challenge policy makers to transform the food industry and create a healthy world. Dr. Hyman invites us to "take back our health by avoiding restaurants and packaged foods for this day and by making real, whole, fresh, sustainably raised or grown food into delicious meals from scratch."


By taking the pledge to join, participants will receive a free "Eat-In" toolkit with access to a live video feed from Dr. Hyman's own Eat-In, a guide to mindful eating and a meal plan/shopping guide. Those who choose to be involved can also chat with Dr. Hyman on Twitter and will be eligible to win prizes including signed copies of his works.

Find more information about "Eat-In" here and join Dr. Hyman in helping us all take back our health at www.drhyman.com. Follow him on twitter @markhymanmd and on Facebook.



Does this "Eat-In" sound like a departure from what you normally would prepare and enjoy food?  Or is it common practice in your household to consciously avoid packaged foods and to share them mindfully?

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