Earth - The Daily Asana with Elena Brower, Episode 2

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At the peaceful base of a picturesque mountainous backdrop that defies the imagination, the village of Squaw Valley stands out as a geographical gem. Among the prettiest of places on earth, northern California's Lake Tahoe region comes alive each year with the celebration of yoga and music. Where better to get together for the annual Wanderlust Festival - our community's mecca, a gathering like none other.

Most notable is the mountain itself, standing directly above the village. Weathered and worn, the mountain stands defiant, facing it's battles every day in the same way that we do - a little bit at a time. Standing beside an apex of such stature and ancient order can make a person feel insignificant, but there is another way to look at it. The mountain embodies a fortitude that rightly must be noticed, respected, and internalized. This is how the Earth can be a means of briging trust and clarity to your life.

Watch Episode 2 of our brand new series, The Daily Asana with Elena Brower - presented by Wanderlust and Adidas, below. As you gear up for a day of new adventures, we hope you'll find some new meaning for your practice.




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