Durga's Triumph with Sianna Sherman

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Welcome to “Durga's Triumph with Sianna Sherman": part three of our four-part series exploring Gods and Goddesses with Mythic Yoga Flow’s Sianna Sherman. We are thrilled to have our dear friend and frequent Wanderlust collaborator, Sianna Sherman, contribute these four insightful vignettes into the qualities of the Gods and Goddesses that you’ve come to be familiar with in your yogic practice. 


2345 Not only will you become more intimately acquainted with these characters and archetypes, but when you share your own experience and responses in the comments section, below, you will have the chance to win a gorgeous Equilibrium Mala and a package of Boho Blend Coffee from Tiny Devotions (prizes valued at $130). Tiny Devotions creates pieces that inspire their wearers to live their dreams and believe that they could rule the world (even in Moccasins). All of their mala beads are currently made in Canada by conscious mala makers, who fuse their mala beads with love, devotion and intention. Each mala beads is blessed and cleansed before sending it out to the customer.


To enter to win the Equilibrium Mala and a package of Boho Blend Coffee from Tiny Devotions (prizes valued at $130), answer our question below by commeting in the comments section at the bottom of this page (with the "post to Facebook" option enabled). We will select a winner based on the response and announce the lucky yogi next week!


After listening to Sianna's tale of how Durga triumphs over Mahisha, does it recall for you an instance when you witnessed the power of love win over the love of power? Tell us about something in your own experience, or something in the world at large that illustrates this myth in actuality.

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