Downward Dog Pile: The Seattle Seahawks Love Yoga!

Posted by admin on 1/20/14 in Yoga

Picture this: the same giant grunting football players who tackle and tumble on the turf engaged in a peaceful Vinyasa flow.

It's no secret to avid yogis that meditation and yoga allow the body and mind to excel in any occupation or sport, but it's not exactly common to see burly athletes using yoga to fine tune their performance. Seattle Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll is hip to this fact, though, and has added yoga and meditation to the team's training routine.  His mantra is simple - happy players make for better players, and he invites the team to kick off Sunday practices with a six-minute meditation, in addition to optional individualized meditations.

The entire team also participates in yoga class, which was so popular with players last season that it has become a mandatory activity this year. 

"We do imagery work and talk about having that innovative mindset of being special," star Quarter back Russell Wilson said in his ESPN interview. "We talk about being in the moment and increasing chaos throughout practice, so when I go into the game, everything is relaxed."

If you watched Russell Wilson's calm composure on the field yesterday, you'll confidently agree that the sessions are paying off.  

Read the entire ESPN interview here, and watch the video from ESPN below.

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