Day 2: #WLOB - Granny Gear, 49.7 miles, 82.3 total

Posted by Heather and Jennie on 6/22/11 in Uncategorized

We retraced our tracks a bit to get out of the park to uncharted territory. For hours, we spiraled the state line between Connecticut and New York, as if indecisive which was more appealing. Seeing a sign with a bicycle on it, we were surprised that the Harlem River Rail Trail was a highway exclusively for bicyclists.

File 9222Reaching the trail head in Millerton, NY, we found Irving Farm Coffee, where we ate fruit, drank delicious coffee, and called our dads to wish them Happy Fathers Day. A man expressed approval of Heather's "executive biker" look, dress socks and Coach shoes. People everywhere approached us to wish us well on our journey, mention similar bike trips of their own, and to offer advice or provisions.

We got hungry again sooner than we thought we would and found a bistro with patio seating just in time where we shared a delicious salad and mushroom lasagna...and chugged lots of water. Like a small New England town should be, there was a doggy spa across the street along with a rare book store. Just a few hours later, we were acutely aware of decreased sugar levels and hoped for a bakery. Pretty immediately, we rounded a corner and pulled up to Barb's Baked Goods. We walked through Barb's living room into her kitchen and chose a large loaf of date bread and 2 cups of coffee. We rested and ate on her porch where she gifted us fresh strawberries.

File 9226Antique shops were all along the highway, suggesting who lives in the area and the main tourist attraction. Stopping to sip some water, we crossed paths with a tag sale attendant, who took it upon himself to recommended that we not take highway 41 and go directly to 183. Reaching Great Barrington, we obediently bypassed 41 only to find the first bike shop we'd seen that day. The Bike and Board attendant lubed Heather's gears and lent us a pressure gauge. He voluntarily recommended that we tun around and take 41 to Van Deusenville to reach 183. Again obedient, we took 41, where we soon met Chris, who was riding a single speed yellow Italian road bike through the hills on his way to a swimming hole. Reluctantly turning down his invitation, he proceeded to rave about how scenic highway 183 is and how we should continue on 41 directly to 183 so that we'd pass a lake and a gothic paper mill. Amused at all the locals' differing opinions, we knew it was ultimately our choice and went with Chris's suggestion, mostly because he was watching.

File 9230With about 10 miles remaining, we went up and down throuhthe gentle hills taking occasional water breaks. In the distance on a high hill, we finally spotted the Kripalu Center around 6:30. In Granny Gear, we reached our final turn, where we saw guests crossing the road returning from the lake. Pulling up quite exhausted, we went straight to dinner before it ended at 7. Like the care we might receive at our parents' house, we ate overstuffed plates of healthy food and didn't have to do the dishes. After dinner, we went straight to the whirlpool with jets, showered, and then fell quickly asleep in the clean sheets.

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